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LED Bear Night Light

SKU: 50642240

Made of a soft material so if it falls it doesn't break. Silicone exterior is durable and can be easily wiped/sanitized/cleaned.
When the power switch is turned on, the colour of the light is multi-color for the first tap (different light colours gradually change with time, and the interval time for each colour is 3 seconds). for the second tap, the light is positioned at the color of the tap. The third tap, the light turns off, the cycle repeats.
Great nightlight for kids who don’t want to be in the dark. The lovely design makes them feel safe as they fell asleep! Perfect as a gift for children, whether it is a boy or a girl.
Great for use in the kid's room.
Rechargeable via USB, this Bear night light has seven interchangeable colours and is touch sensitive. It will turn itself off after 2hrs and won't come on again until touched.

Washable silicone to give a gentle feel.  160mm : 111mm


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