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Baby Play and Development Online Course (Birth to 6 Months)


Get All the Benefits of a Tots Play Baby Class from the Comfort of Home with Interactive, Developmental Play Activities to Enjoy with Your Baby Every Day!

It is never too early to engage your baby in play. From the moment they are born, every smile, touch, sound and movement builds new pathways in the brain that help them to learn and grow, and to develop their own unique personality. 

But do you wonder...?

  • Exactly how do I play with my tiny bundle?
  • Or, How can I make sure I am supporting his or her development in the best way?

We understand that becoming a parent is a life changing experience, and that these early days with your baby are precious but sometimes overwhelming. Tots Play is here to help.

​Our Baby Play and Development course is especially designed for babies from birth to 6 months, and aims to support you both through this crucial time, providing simple ideas and techniques for loving play times that will help you connect, calm and have fun together while aiding your baby's development.

The course activities provide a strong foundation for your baby's growth and development, as well as being lots of fun for you both.

This course is for you if you are ever at home with your new baby and feel;

  • Stuck for ideas of how to play with your baby and wondering what to do next?
  • Concerned that you are not doing the best things you could be to help your baby make the most of his or her potential?
  • Bored with repeating the same few things over and over again?

You may have been thinking of attending a class with your baby to get some play ideas and learn new skills but;

  • There are no classes near to you or transport is difficult?
  • Classes don’t fit with your schedule (or you have no idea what your baby’s schedule will be like from one day to the next!)?
  • It is difficult for you to attend classes because you have more than one child at home?
  • Or perhaps classes are not for you and you prefer to play when and where it suits you and your family?

The Tots Play Baby Play and Development Online Course brings all the benefits of a baby class to the comfort of your home, to enjoy at times that suit you, and as many times as you like!

As you work through the 12 content packed lessons that make up the course you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques to play, communicate, connect and have fun with your baby including;

  •  Baby Massage – learn a simple routine to help you calm, connect and communicate with your baby, including specific strokes to help relive colic and digestive problems. Massage also boosts the immune system and helps to regulate sleep patterns and is a lovely relaxing experience for you both.
  •  Baby Yoga – practice stretches, poses and movements to both stimulate and soothe baby which will also help build muscle tone, improve flexibility and co-ordination and much more. A great way to have fun together!
  •  Sensory and Body Awareness - learn simple ways to help develop all your baby's senses with play experiences that will also boost concentration and awareness of their own body and the world around them, with lots of ideas for using everyday items to aid learning.
  •  Tummy Time Techniques – tummy time play helps to improve head control and upper body strength, preparing your baby for movement and exploration. Understand more about why tummy time is important and how to make it more effective and fun.
  •  Baby Sign Language – learn how to start using signs to aid communication with your baby, giving him or her a way to communicate effectively before the development of speech, helping to reduce frustration and tantrums and giving you a greater insight in to what your baby is thinking about and interested in.
  •  Effective Ways To Use Songs and Rhymes – introduce the benefits of music and movement to your day and lots more.....


Become confident to enjoy all these skills based play activities with your baby and more with one great value course!

You will be taken step by step through each of the activities with easy to follow video tutorials, pictures and descriptions, plus all the music tracks that are suggested so that you can make the activities even more fun and engaging for you both.

There are even information sheets to download so that you can come back to them again and again any time you are wondering what to do today!

These activities are designed to benefit your baby throughout their first year and beyond, and you will want to return to your baby’s favourites for many months to come.

Having all the information online means you can access it at any time and learn at your own pace. You will no longer have to worry about;

  • Struggling to get out of the house to be across town for a set time (especially when your baby knows just the right time to fill his or her nappy, or decides to be sick just as you walk out the door!)
  • Wracking your (sleep deprived) brain to remember the words and actions to the songs you did at class yesterday.
  • Filling the time between the classes or activities you do attend.

You simply choose your favourite play activities to enjoy at the times that suit you and your baby.

Give your baby all the benefits of Baby Massage, Yoga, Sign Language, Sensory Play, Tummy Time techniques, Musical Play and more and enjoy these activities again and again with your baby without having to leave the comfort and cleanliness of your own home – for an amazing low, one off, payment. Simply click the Enrol in course button on this page to get started.

Each activity in this course has been specially chosen for the developmental benefits it brings for your baby's body, brain and senses, while engaging your child, and being fun for you both, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Don't waste another day.

It is so easy to get distracted when you are home with your baby – there is always something to be done - and if you are not sure where to start, play time can sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the pile, but with this structured but flexible programme at your fingertips, ready at any time of day (or night!) you can always have the reassurance of knowing that you and your baby have enjoyed valuable play time together and the confidence to provide experiences that will help your baby develop to reach his or her full potential.

Come and Join the Tots Play Family!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another second of your baby’s precious early days, sign up now to access the programme straight away and be learning all the skills and techniques you need to make the most out of play time with your baby in just a few minutes.

You will be able to access the course straight away after purchase and could be enjoying the first of your play sessions in just a few minutes.

Make the Most of Play Time, create special moments together to cherish as you see your baby’s development soar.

We can't wait to share this amazing programme with you at home. Happy Playing!